Friday, 13 July 2012

Hair Fair 2012 : [Ink] Hair Preview

One thing that is pretty amazing about the Hair Fair, is the ability for designers to showcase their talent and bring new customers into their stores. Exposure can go a long way, in becoming a top brand in second life. Ink hair has the potential and it shows at this years event.   A couple months ago, I purchased a couple  styles from this store. I recall the designs had potential and kept an eye on the brand.   With three releases at this years event, I think they have done quite well.  The style's might not be so tasteful to some, but I really enjoy designs that are a little outside of the norm.

My favorite of the three releases, would be Yoke. The design reminds me of the haircut, that of the lead singer of the band that sings, "Tonight, We Are Young".  I find it very trendy but a risk taker.

[Ink] Hair - Yoke - Brown

I also purchased the style ABSP, which has a very wild look. It's a wavy style, that sort of looks like you just rolled out of bed. 

[Ink] Hair - ABSP - Brown

Hair Fair 2012 opens around 12 am SLT tonight.  This may be on time or a little delayed, but the organizers are aiming for that hour, to open the sim.

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  1. Great pics, one before and one after I messed up your hair ;) And yes I know I should be sleeping... ♥