Saturday, 7 January 2012

Regaining My Thought

It's funny how I was saying earlier that my thoughts were clogged the past two days. Now all of a sudden I have several Ideas in my head and thanks to some help around the Flickr realm, my mind is moving again.

Id like to say thank you to Zachary Zufreur for posting a picture about the top I am wearing from Hedo.   I find it's hard to find clothing that straddles the line of my preference of stylish and just too much. This top does stylish for me , Perfectly. 

Hair from Drot - The Benjamin - Dark Chocolate
Hairbase from Dura - Buzzcut - Dark Brown
Skin from Evian - Ryuji - Medium
Glasses from Kalnins - Submariner
Facial Hair from  A.G Magnus - Facial Hair - Chin # 3
Jacket  from Hedo - Sauro Jacket 
Right Cuff from Blitzed - Legacy - Black
Left Armband from Redgrave - Leather Cord
Finger Tape from Sinistyle - Taped With Black Nails
Pants from Blitzed - Polar - Black Denim  
Tattoo from Trailerstar - Love/Hate 
Tattoo from V Tattoo - The Rock

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