Saturday, 7 January 2012

Playing In The Snow

After a long day of shopping and putting outfits and photos together, I figured it was time to go have some fun and play in the snow. I was over at my friend Felicity Blumenthal's place and she went afk, so I hopped outside and started to slide down a small hill, on my butt. I had soo much fun, I kept doing it over and over, reminding me of when I was just a toddler.  Felicity came back and caught me at the bottem , as I was about to get up. Not the prettiest face, but hey! I was cold and tired! haha. 

 Hat from INDI Design - Beanie - Grey Tones
Hairbase from VCD - Hairbase 1 
Skin from Evian - Ryuji - Medium
Eyes from Lelutka - Ellis - Cloud
Glasses from Mr Poet - Rim Glasses
Facial Hair from Nanuk and A.G Magnus   - Birken Beard Blk  and Chin #3
Sweater  from Ronsem  - Mole - Navy
Gloves from Reek - Cozy Mittens - Black
Pants from INDI Designs - 841 Jeans - Dark Blue Dirty Wash  
Tattoo from V Tattoo - The Rock       To Be Continued......

 After chatting for a little while, we start to walk down to the coastline. Both of us flirting and giggling as we stroll over to the water, in front of the ever so beautiful lighthouse. She notices my lips are a little dry and makes a comment about them, and advises me to use her lip palm. I stand still as  she starts to apply it to my lips and doesn't notice me, looking her in the eyes.  She looks up to see the intent on my face and desire in my eyes. We pause for a moment, and we both gently rub ,nose to nose and share a passionate kiss. 

Thank you Felicity, for letting me use your sim once again, and posing for me.  Everyone can check her out at her own blog, which is called "My Second Closet". Thanks again. 

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