Monday, 2 January 2012

Fire Is Out

After getting so much enjoyment out of my post about the oil change, I figured I would give you guys another gag type of post.  I don't think I look much like a actual fireman, but more more like a highly sought after stripper, hehe.  Either way, I had fun with it, hope you guys enjoy.

Hair from Exile - AJ - Drift
Skin from Evian - Ryuji - Medium 
     Eyes from Fashism - Caribbean Blue Pale - Medium
Facial Hair from A.G Magnus   - Facial Hair - Chin # 3
Jacket from 4MC -Jacket 1
                                             Jeans from Ronsem - Cargo Pants - Black

Tattoo from Pekka - Estrellado 2
Tattoo from V Tattoo - The Rock

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