Friday, 1 July 2011

U V Rays don't like me, just saying.

It is a National holiday here in Canada. So I am lucky enough to have the day off and was up at a crazy hour. Found these awesome shorts from Posion. They are very well detailed and come with 3 diffrent belt and pocket options. Great buy. Also found these amazing glasses. For 299L you can't go wrong with all the options and detail that went into my favorite accessory.  Enjoy and have a good Canada Day Weekend, or Independance day for you, south of the border.

Skin ( Li - Stawtone Clean ) *BIRTH*
Hair ( Demolition Lover - Hazel ) SHAG
Eyes ( Sunrise - Blue Pale ) FASHISM
Shirt ( Big Shirt - Check Pink ) NINIKOBOY 
Shorts ( Rage Pants - Black ) >>>Poison<<< 
Shoes ( Ferracini - White and Red ) hoorenbeek
Sunglasses ( Rayben - Clouds ) Extreme Dream
Shape ( My Own )


Body ( Sacred Pain - Faded ) AITUI
Facial 1 ( Birk Beard - Brown ) NANUK
Facial 2 ( Beard Style 3 ) - DAMNED -

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