Sunday, 26 June 2011


So I created quite a few looks since the last time that I blogged. Ive been really busy with RL work, and haven't got around to showing them. I tried to make a outfit , that was inspired by Enrique Iglesias. I put my own twist on it from the shoulders up. I also found this new skin from BIRTH, and I love it. Enjoy
Skin ( Li - Stawtone Clean ) *BIRTH*
Hair ( Flatliner - Black ) Rawhouse
Eyes ( Sunrise - Blue Pale ) FASHISM
Shirt ( Ture Tee - Plain ) NANUK
Vest ( Best and Shirt - Black Hoodie) ...Scars...
Pants ( Vintage Jeans - Dirty ) *Muism*
Necklace ( Memory Collector) Whippet and Bucket
Wrist Band ( Armlet Leather Cord ) Redgrave
Shoes ( O'Leary - White ) INDI
Shape ( My Own )
Unlike my other posts, I have many diffrent tattoo layers applied. I switched to the new Firestorm beta, just to see how much I could do with the xtra layers. I absolutley love it. If you are interested in making yourself stand out from the rest or just want to be creative, I highly suggest using this viewer.
Hairbase (Tribe 8 - Tintable) MADDESIGNS
Facial 1 ( Birk Beard - Brown) NANUK
Facial 2 ( Vincent - Chin Curtain ) ~Tableau Vivant~
Neck ( Nautical Star ) *Trailerstar*
Body ( Sacred Pain - Faded ) AITUI

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