Monday, 15 October 2012

Going Postal At Cinema

Ok, the title is a little miss leading. I'm really not flipping shit at Cinema, but I did go there to show off this new Postman jacket from Pumpkin.  It's available at the pumpkin main store, in a few different colors. The jacket comes with a color change h.u.d that lets you change the inside shirt and the color of the over the shoulder bag and strap.  

I took the picture at the landing point, of the event "Cinema". Cinema covers an entire sim and was custom built by Isla Gealach, who also is the brilliant owner and designer of the store "Cheeky Pea".  Isla did a pretty amazing job with the entire build. You can tell she put much time into the major and minor details, of the entire place.   Cinema features many top brands around second life, with a wide range of different items available.  Seeing the build itself is worth the trip, click HERE to visit today.

Hair from RawHouse - Flatliner - Dark Brown ( Modded Slightly )
Hairbase from Dura - Lanevo Buzzcut - Dark Brown
Skin from Belleza - Shawn - Sk ( Available Soon )
Eyes from Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh - Paris Green Shadow
Ears from Aitui - Stretched Ears 1"
Jacket from Pumpkin - Postman - Gray
Pants from FATEwear - John - Desert
Tattoo from Freaks and Geeks - M.O.E

Location - Cinema 

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