Saturday, 30 June 2012

What’s Your Digits? A Strawberry Singh Challenge, Take 2

A little over a year ago, the blog world was a buzz with this clever idea to show off your digits. The digits being the numbers that you use on your avatars shape.  At that time, I wasn't an established blogger but was quite intrigued by the idea. A year later, Strawberry Singh has brought the challenge back. Why you might ask? Well in the past year, much has changed in terms of the clothing scene, in second life. The introduction of mesh, being the biggest reason.  I have changed my shape quite a bit in the past year, but mostly due to mesh sizing.  I didn't get the chance to do this the first time, so I am glad to show you now. 

Here are my current numbers:

Height – 7'0" using the Avatar Ruler shown above
Body Fat: 0
Head size – 60
Torso Muscle: 40
Pectorals: 39
Arm length – 50
Hand size – 27
Torso length – 70
Love Handles: 25
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscle: 47
Leg length – 85
Hip width – 52
Butt Size: 50
Saddle Bags: 25
Foot size – 0

Strawberry also asks us to answer three questions, so here goes:

How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

The introduction of mesh, has pretty much changed the entire way I dress myself, in world. At first I was very skeptical about it. After a few brands got the handle of it, my mind started to sway. Now a days , I wear mesh 90% of the time. 

Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?

Over a period of time, my avatar became smaller and smaller in size. I know that my avatar's shape is still fairly tall, but compared to most, I am shorter.  The biggest difference is the sensitivity around the torso muscles, pectorals, saddle bags and love handles.  

Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?

I  think so.  Any way to improve the general opinion of mesh is positive.  I think most people have grabbed onto the idea of mesh.  I am sure some folks still complain about not seeing it and not having the proper viewers, but lets face it, some people are just too stubborn to upgrade. Get with the times or get left behind.


  1. awesome post and great answers!

  2. You're totally teasing us with that censored sign! LOL
    Thank you Howard for taking the time to share your digits and also answer the questions. <3