Saturday, 30 June 2012

New From Super Kingdom & Kal Rau

Hey Everyone, Today I have two new things to throw at you. First off are these new mesh slip on's from Super Kingdom. They come with a color change HUD,  which allows you to pick between solid colors like the above picture or a checkered pattern.  It's a great deal for just 99L.   

 Kal Rau  has released a gift for those who are included in the stores update group. The gift includes the mesh t shirt and shorts shown above.  The shorts come with a few different colors, while the tee comes with a color palette HUD. You can change the color to whatever you desire. Much like the rest of Kal Rau's designs, the outfit is made quite nicely and is a great pickup at no cost. 

Hairbase from Dura - Lanevo Buzzcut - Dark Brown
Skin from Evian - Justin - Tan
Sunglasses from Kal Rau - Sport
Facial Hair from Sacred - Chin Strap v1
Other Facial Hair from Zovo - Soul - Dark Black
Tee and Shorts from Kal Rau - Promo Outfit
Footwear from Super Kingdom - Mesh Slip On's
Tattoo from Vestigium - Sugar Skull

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