Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Mesh Jean Jacket From SEY

Hey Everyone, I apologize for my inactivity on the weekend. I know that I made promises to blog, but In all honesty, I just felt un-inspired . One thing that does inspire me tho, is great new designs. Once again Sey has outdone themselves with this new mesh jean jacket. Its similiar to the Military jacket, but also features a inside shirt that comes with a color change hud. A very nice feature to an allready great looking jacket.

Hair from Yasyn - Bangarang - Seal Brown Roots
Skin from Birth - Fang - Tanned
Eyes from Mayfly - Liquid Light - Twillight Steel Shadow
Facial Hair from Nanuk - Birken Beard - Black
Other Facial Hair from Zovo - Soul - Dark Black
Jacket from SEY - Jean Jacket Mesh - Gray
Shirt from Iruco - U Neck - Gray (Group Gift)
Necklace from W&B - Memory Collector
Jeans from Emery - Denim # 4
Shoes from Ubu - Porn Star Lo Tops
Tattoo from Sweet Sin - Santa Muerte
Watch from GOS - Steel Windrider 


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