Saturday, 28 January 2012

Two Brand New Shops, Open Doors

Today I have alot of new things to throw at you!. First is the new amazing body shop called Zovo by the very creative and talented Ajay Giano. Jay is also the mastermind behind Zoobong, which is one of the better male stores on the grid today.  Today he will be opening the doors to his brand new body and shape store. He recently gave me a preview of his newest creations, which includes the skin and facial hair I am wearing.  I personally loved the skin, the moment I put it on.  I have been searching for a new skin to promote, that matched the definition and tone that I desired.  All six of the skin tones come with a bald base and the option of black or brown eyebrows.  Zovo will also feature hair, which is always a nice addition to any body shop. If your looking for a new look or a complete makeover , you can find something at Zovo that will interest you.  

Another store officially opened its doors today as well.  The store is called Entente.  I was quite surprised by the news, I honestly had no idea about this new venture.  From top to bottom, Entente has a selection of just about everything.  It is a one stop shop. Clothing for Men and Women, Hair for Men, Shoes and Accessories  just to name a few.  I think I was at the store for about 10 minutes and spent like 3k. Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store.  All of the items have such rich textures and would be a great addition to anyone's frequent stores to visit. 

Hair from Entente - Yves - Dark Brown 
Skin from Zovo - Tone 4 - Brown Eyebrows
Eyes from Fashism - Caribbean Blue Pale 
Facial Hair from Zovo - 5 O Clock and Soul
Jacket from Entente - Thriller - Slate
Shirt from Entente - Classic Tee - Khaki 
Necklace from Kosh - Key Necklace 
Jeans from Entente - Vintage Jeans - Relaxed Midnight
Tattoo from V Tattoo - The Rock 

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