Saturday, 21 January 2012

Till I'm Gone

The past few days, I have been juggling skins over and over.  Trying to find one that has the right skin tone and the right amount of definition. I was loving the Ryu skin from Egoisme, but lately I want something with more defined features. Yesterday I decided to try the David skin from Redgrave. The skin is loaded with great lines and overall uniqueness, but it can be very very hard to pair with facial hairs and hairstyles from around second life.  It is a great skin from top to bottom tho. One of the best available on second life. 

Probably my most favorite accessory in both worlds is sunglasses.  A few months ago I came across Kumaki glasses and have bought many since. Recently they have been releasing mesh glasses quite often, but this style caught my eye the most. All the glasses come with many different frames and lens colors, but with this particular pair,  the brown lens looked the best. 

Hair and Hairbase from Dura - Boy 17 - Dark Brown 
Skin from Redgrave - David - Tan
Facial Hair from Sacred - Chin Patch v1
Eyes from Mayfly - Deep Sky - Hazy Rainshower
Glasses from Kumaki - Dhanu
Blazer from Hoorenbeek - Tuxedo 2.0 - Black ( Blazer Included In Pkg)
Shirt from Mr. Poet - White Shirt
Tie from SF Design - Westminister Suit and Coat (Tie Included in Pkg) 
Pants from Tableau Vivant - Gatsby Pants - Grey

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