Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wake me up in San Francisco

Even tho I was looking for a fall sim, I could not resist , taking a picture at one of the most beautiful mixes of mother nature and man-made architecture on the planet. The Golden State Bridge sim, is a amazing place to take pictures.

The outfit I'm wearing is something I put together,  quite some time ago. Guess I never really got around to blogging it, due to the recent season, here in Canada.  Most fashionable males on SL, would recognize the coat I am wearing. Its likely my most favorite creation from Mr. Poet.  Which makes me wonder, where the heck is he?????. Would love to have something new from this designer.    

After such annoyance, I finally put together a shape that goes well with the Ashton skin, from Belleza. I wore the Shawn skin out, and really didn't  enjoy the past 2 skins from Tricky Boucher. Now that I have the shape figured out tho, I really do love the look of the skin. 

  Hair from HYPE - Bailey 2.0 - Sable
Skin from Belleza - Ashton - Tan 0
Eyes from LeLutka - Ellis - Cloud
Facial Hair from Egoisme - Chin Patch1 - Brown
Jacket  from Mr Poet   - Peacoat - Red
Shirt from Mr Poet - White Shirt and Slim Scarf
Tie from SF Design - Westminister Suit and Coat
Jeans from INDI Designs - 841 Jeans -Taupe
Shoes from Redgrave - Ashbury Loafers - Autumn  

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