Monday, 21 May 2012

Great Deal On Mesh Jeans

Hey Everyone, It has been a while since my last blog. I have been enjoying things outside of second life. On top of it, I think I hit some kind of blogger wall.Outside of that, I found a bargain today, so I had to share it with you all. I found these amazing mesh jeans on the marketplace from Super Kingdom. I wasn't sure about the brand, but for just 99L, I figured why not.  Not only is the quality amazing, but they also don't have that stupid low and baggy crotch, that makes it look like you shit yourself. I'm sorry, but to anyone that wears that clothing, please don't think you look good.  After playing with the different sizes, I also realized the pants come in ten different colors. Most designers would charge a fortune, for that many textures.  Considering the quality, style and price, this has to be the best purchase I have made in 2012. I know many people have complained about not finding a good pair of mesh jeans, without that nasty crotch, so if your looking to look normal, purchase these jeans asap.

Beanie from Maitreya - Unisex
Hairbase from Dura - Lanevo Buzzcut - Dark Black
Skin from Belleza - Jacob - Tan 0
Eyes from Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh - Twilight Steel Shadow
Facial Hair from Nanuk - Birken Beard - Black
Other Facial Hair from Zovo - Soul - Dark Black
Hoodie from Not So Bad - Felip - Grey
Inside Sweater from W&B - Contrast Long Sleeve - Beige/White
Jeans from Super Kingdom - Mesh ( Only 99 Lindens)
Sneakers from Redgrave -  Miles - Dark
Pose from Purple Poses

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