Monday, 16 April 2012

One Man Army

Hey Everyone,  hope everyone's week has started off good. It has been a while since I have done a blog, that wasn't directed at fashion. I did a few of them when I first started to blog and enjoyed it. I was playing around with the new Triumph boots from Gos last night and had the idea to do a picture like this.  I don't think I've ever did a military look in second life, so this was quite fun. Hope you like it.  

Hair from TCE - Zev - Brown
Skin from Unique Megastore - Zeus - Deep Tan
Facial Hair from Nanuk - Birken Beard - Black
Glasses from Redgrave - Zenith
Vest from Flows Uniform's N Equipment - Tactical Vest
Backpack from MilGear - Flecktarn Desert
Gloves from Emery - Studded Black
Belt from Ronsem - Tape Belt
Pants from Ronsem - Cargo - Black
Boots from Gos - Triumph 
Tattoo from Freaks and Geeks - Chris Brown Style
Pose from Exposeur ( Pose Fair 2012 Exclusive)

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