Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New From JP DSG

Hey Everyone. JP Dsg has released a new mesh hoodie today. It has a very likeable, yet casual style that can be customazied in many different ways. The unique thing about the hoodie, is the ability to change the colors of the accessories, much like the rest of JP Dsg's clothing. They have quite a large choice of colors and the ability to pick the print, on the front. The hoodie is also uni-sex, so the ladies are not being left out.

I also found this pretty cool skateboard from Pu!se. It comes scripted and rideable with a hud, to perform a few tricks. You can also purchase different accessories to customize the board. I changed the deck, but you can also change the fore grip, wheels and trucks. 

Hair from Entente - Yves - Dark Brown
Skin from Belleza - Shawn - Sk 0
Eyes from IKON - Utopia - Trojan Blue
Facial Hair from Zovo - Soul - Dark Black
Hoodie from JP Dsg - Dissident - Blue 03
Jeans from Garish - Note
Sneakers from Redgrave - Classic Sneakers - Brown
Skateboard from Pu!se 

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