Saturday, 10 March 2012

New From ALT

Today I found this awesome waterproof coat from ALT.  It reminded me quickly of a coat that I use to wear as a child. It took me back down memory lane, growing up around the coastline of atlantic Canada. I took what I had for granted, some people never see the ocean.  The sim I snapped the picture on, was modeled after a cape town in New England. Much like the small town I lived in, as a kid. 

Hair from Dekade - Narcissus Room Item - *Modded Brown*
Hairbase from LANEVO - Mc Hairbase Buzzcut - Dura Dark Brown
Skin from Nivaro - Crow - Spring Tone
Eyes from IKON - Utopia - Trojan Blue
Facial Hair from Nanuk - Birken Beard - Black
Other Facial Hair from A.G Magnus - Chin # 3 Clean
Jacket from ALT - Fishermans Waterproof Coat - Lavender 
Pants from JP Dsg - Superior JNS Mesh - Denim
Sneakers from Hoorenbeek - Streeterville - White/Grey
Pose from Exposeur - Diarmuid 

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