Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lets Go Giants!

I wanted to do a blog this weekend, that was directed towards one of the biggest spectacles in sports, that being the Super Bowl. I had a good idea in mind, but wasn't sure how to pull it off, due to lack of football gear on second life.  After reading Sixx Yangtz blog about the same event, I had to go out and purchase these awesome shorts and shoulder pads. 

So who is everyone cheering for on Superbowl Sunday? I am not a fan of either of these teams. I just recall the good time I had, watching the game back in 2008. New England had a perfect season until the final game, when the Giants fought through adversity and made a comeback with less than two minutes remaining. Majority of the comments I have heard, have the Patriots pegged to win this time around.  I believe, the New York Giants will win again, In what will be a great offensive game between Tom Brady and Eli Manning.  

Go Giants Go!!

Hair from Exile - Jesse - Whiskey
Skin from Belleza - Jacob - Tan 0
Eyes from Lelutka - Ellis - Cloud
Pads and Shorts from BMC - Power Football Pack
Gloves from Red Dog Gear - Sting Football Gloves - White
Tattoo from V Tattoo - The Rock
Tattoo from Aitui - Upper Hipsters 

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