Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Little Darker

After two months of having this skin, I realized today that I had purchased a eyeliner from egoisme that was made, particularly for this skin. I threw it on and played around with it, looking at the different options of me, with a darker side. 

Little rant here, but I wish new male clothing came out more often. The past few days have been frustrating, with the lack of finding new things to blog. All I can do at the moment is go through my inventory and blog stuff I forgot I had.

Hair from Anaphora - Jayden - Bole (Store is Closed :(  )
Skin from Evian - Ryuji - Medium 
Eyes from Poetic Colors - Classic - Glacier Bay
Facial Hair from Sacred - Chin Patch v2
                    Jacket from Mr. Poet - Peacoat and Pleated - Turq
Shirt from Redgrave - Sweater Messy - Sun
Necklace from Kosh - Sade 
                            Pants from Redgrave  - Herringbone - Beige 
Tattoo from Pekka - Estrellado 2 


  1. Hmmm... you sound JUST like Bouncer!

    1. Because of a rant? pretty sure everyone rants..